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Rules of Blogging

After reading a very engaging post online, I have now decided to dedicate one day in the week (Wednesday) to a specific type of post/topic.

“Workout Wednesdays” is dedicated to the uploading of posts containing tips for working out; various workouts and other things revolving around this topic.

Write in the comments whether you would like for me to dedicate particular posts for Wednesdays.

Also be sure to check out the post yourselves.

Until the next post, Workout, Keep fit, Live well

Sallaam, Peace

Cristian Mihai

Here’s something about people who are good at something(as defined by certain criteria): they usually have no idea what they did to become good, or if they have certain ideas, they suck at explaining them.

Because most of the stuff that made them successful is what they’d describe as “common sense.” Meaning that they’re less inclined to share those ideas with the world for fear of insulting others(if it’s common sense, everyone should know about it and apply it, right?)

So here goes my list of common sense rules:

1. Persistence

It’s all about one’s mental capacity to do it and do it and do it, over and over again, until the job gets done.

It’s about facing defeat and failure and keep coming back for more.

2. Engagement

A blog is not a diary. It’s not all about you, you, you.

The content has to be engaging. People…

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Inspiration #3

The most common barrier for people when it comes to working out is the fear of having to change their lifestyle. A lot of the time they are stuck in this maze of 'if only I never did this and done that instead..." To this I quote the wise man who once said, "You can't …