Nerf dart tag

Nerf dart tag
When we first bought these guns off of Facebook, I could feel that the blasters were well-made and solid unlike many other guns I had held in the past. The handle fit well into my hand and you didn’t have to put too much power into cocking the gun. It’s a nice size so you can run around with it and it would do well in a little duel with your brothers or your colleagues. The gun hold 10 bullets, it works best with whistle darts and dart tag bullets, the elite bullets tend to slip out of place from time to time which gets very annoying as it clogs up the gun as your shooting off your rounds.

This gun does have one very small let-down, the barrel can’t come out, instead you have to make sure the gun isn’t loaded, and keep clicking the trigger to make it rotate so you can fill the empty bullet spaces one by one, I don’t find this too annoying and I like to look at it as something unique.

These two guns if you buy the WHOLE set it would come with two pairs of glasses and two body armours that add to the fun of the game. The body armour is designed so when the sticky dart bullets hit it, they stay on so you can count were and how many times your opponent was hit!

Each gun comes with ten sticky dart bullets and a pair of different coloured glasses. Which means this set comes with everything you need to create a fun outdoor/indoor mini game, with the protective glasses and body armour your children or colleagues and yourself will have no scars to bear for the rest of your lives! Nerf


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