Leg day

leg day..

Hehe, leg day, the most hated day of all. When the people on the side-walk stare at you weirdly as you painfully hobble, and waddle along, after a killer leg workout….

But let’s face it, we have to train our legs. I have seen many people who go full-out upper body in their workouts, completely ignoring their legs; the result? A mad ripped upper body with skinny, ‘chicken legs‘ as they are called.

It is true however, that if you want great calves, a lot of it has to do with genetics. Calf muscles are famously known to be one of the most ‘stubborn‘ muscles, if not the most stubborn of all.


For this reason do not get demoralized if you don’t see results after endless training, you’ll have the strength in those calves no doubt, but the outward results will not be so great. This is one of the reasons why people do not train legs, mainly speaking calves.

Guys, Until the next post, Work out, Keep fit, Live well


go on leg.jpg


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