Building the perfect Callisthenics routine pt 4

Workout Log

There are six points which I would say are vital for you to consider before building your perfect callisthenics routine! This post will discuss the fourth, along a six post series.

Building the perfect callisthenics routine part 4: Keep a log!

Keeping a log is one of the most important things you can do, to boost your morale, and your progression.


Now, what do I mean by keeping a log?

Keeping a log can mean many different things. Here, I refer to the tracking of all the workouts you do.

One thing I always tell people is, have one book at easy access where you can just open it up, and very quickly jot down your idea for your workout. However, if you’re really serious, you can get hardcore and go like this. IF you are dedicated.

Log book work


Keeping a log guarantees more progression, boost of morale AND organization of your perfect callisthenics routine.

Remember, never make it too complicated. “Through simplicity, comes great results…” Furthermore, rarely do people ever stay dedicated to a complex timetable. Rarely.

Workout example log book

Here are various examples of what you might want to include in your log.

  • Workouts done
  • PB’s (personal bests) – the most pull-ups you’ve done with perfect form.
  • Days off
  • Post workout meals
  • Foods you want to avoid
  • Why you want to avoid these foods
  • Goals (what you want to achieve in callisthenics)
  • What level you want to actually take your callisthenics to

As you can see from this list this only a few examples of what you can include in a log. Hopefully you understand the benefits in doing so, if not then try it out for yourself.

Final note: (conclusion)  Keep a log in a book which is easily accessible, at any time of the day. Keep it simple, and write away 🙂

Stay tuned for my next post: How to eat in Ramadaan-

Until the next post people, Work out, Keep fit, Live well






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