Ramadaan tips

Here’s a special post for you guys, including some Ramdaan tips, (or if you are not Muslim), some tips for fasting.

Firstly, I’d like to stress one thing. Fasting has many positive effects on your body and your mind, but this won’t be discussed in this post….


Tips for fasting (Ramadaan or not)

  • Drink plenty of water during the night to keep you hydrated for the fast the next day

drink water.png

  • Eat slow energy releasing foods! Avoid the fried, fatty, excessively spics and sugary foods – These foods dehydrate you, and after a long fast your body is begging for nutrients! I cannot stress this enough guys –


  • Eat respectably before your fast. Most people get the misconception that the more they eat before the fast, the less hungry they will feel throughout the day – This is not true! In fact, the more you eat, the more enzymes your body produces to digest them. This means that once your body has digested them, your enzymes midday are craving more food, which means you will feel hungry much more quickly.
  • Pace yourself throughout the day, balance out work and rest, do not over do it!

work load!!!.jpg

For the last tip, for Suhoor (meal eaten before Dawn from which they will fast after), I would recommend a light meal consisting of a bowl of fruit, a few scoops of yoghurt (preferrably Greek if you want that protein), nuts or berries (you could also have granola), and a good volume of water.

Do not expect to be able to give up junk food totally. In fact, if you manage to without slowly weaning your self off it, you are one of a kind my friend!

Remember, keep the portions of samosas down!

I hoped these tips benefited you – stay tuned for the next post, how to break your fast.

Until the next post, Work out, Keep fit, Live well


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