Importance of training from young

First of all I'd like to begin by apologizing for my inactivity.
As you all know it is exam season and I'm finding myself more and more 
occupied by studies. Apologies peeps.

Moving on..

This post will be dedicated to the importance of training..or really doing anything in life from a young age.

Before reading any further understand that if you never had the opportunity to start training from young, do not despair. Many TOP athletes started from ages as old as 20, and some even start from really old –

But also understand that starting from young and remaining dedicated to it means you will undoubtedly benefit much more than starting from an older age.

invest in future of aging.jpg

I remember one instance when someone asked me why I train a lot and avoid majority of fizzy drinks (as I never went to the shops with them for fear of being sucked into an addiction). He asked me why I just “don’t enjoy myself when I’m young and train when I get older“.


For this, I gave him the simple example of a common building structure.

I told him: “When building a structure, the company in charge always makes sure the foundations are strong.”
“Much of the money of investors, and the time of hired builders goes into creating strong, stable foundations. If this is not done, then the building will not fair well in the future.”

“Weak foundations, or no foundations at all mean a weak and unstable structure, ultimately one which will collapse or else need repairing later, which by then will not be as effective, or worst of all, will be too late…”


Now, what does this mean and how does it compare to what I am saying?

As a young child, laying the simple foundations of walking and using our hands for things such as drinking and eating are a norm. Here you must understand that if you don’t learn how to use your legs and arms when you are young, you will never learn when you get older.

Therefore – as a young individual you pick up things quicker, develop strength quicker, and if you develop it then, it will benefit you in the future immensely!

Mirroring this idea is a favourite quote of mine

"Strengthen your present, for a stable future." 

So if you are young and reading this post, I highly urge you to begin training. Even small things such as press ups. Throughout the day just get down on the floor and bang out 10. Believe me, training from young will open your body to so many various opportunities, you couldn’t have ever imagined.

I hope this post benefited you and

Until the next post, Train well, Eat well, Live well

Sallaam, Peace,

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